In September of the year 1369, following a bitter earthquake (Roodbar and Manjil), a research team by companies such as Rima Co. (owned by the Office of the Presidential Administration of Design and Project Management Time) Fabis is the first and only manufacturer of polyurethane sandwich panels in Iran To provide cover for ribbons and walls (Iran Iron & Steel Company to supply frames) and Door Company (to provide door and window) to start and build prefabricated home systems, temporary accommodation for events in Iran.

Rudbar-Manjil earthquake in Khordad 1369
Rudbar-Manjil earthquake in Khordad 1369


In the meantime, a member of the engineer department at the time, who served as the head of the technical office of Rima, began his activities in the design and implementation of prefabricated buildings and metal stucco structures (bolts and nuts, and after the project, Manjil & ndash Roodbar played a role in the design and production group of 150 prefabricated schools for the reconstruction of war-torn regions in the south and west of Iran.

Fasa Earthquake in Shiraz, 1369


Equipping 150 schools to rebuild war zones 1370-1699


Designing these structures with the entire bolt system and specifically using the sandwich panel initiated the introduction of a new system in the country's construction industry.

The first bolts and all fittings


And so the prefabricated green space complex was set up and managed by the engineer.

Equipment for Narmeshir dam in Kerman


From 1369-1370 to today, the prefabricated green space complex with more than 100 projects and the construction of more than 70 thousand meters of prefabricated buildings has played a small role in the development of our beloved Iran.